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writing program administration

Kristine Hansen

Full Name: 
Kristine Hansen, PhD

Brian Jackson

Full Name: 
Brian Jackson, PhD

Roberto S. Leon

Full Name: 
Roberto S. Leon, PhD

Christopher Ervin

Full Name: 
Dr. Christopher Ervin, PhD, MA, BA

Gin Schwarz

Full Name: 
Virginia M Schwarz, MA, MS

Sherita Roundtree

Full Name: 
Sherita V. Roundtree, MA

2015 CCCC Scholars for the Dream Travel Award recipient

Gavin P. Johnson

Full Name: 
Dr. Gavin P Johnson, PhD

2021 NCTE/CCCC Lavender Rhetorics Dissertation Award for Excellence in Queer Scholarship, winner
2020 Computers and Composition Hugh Burns Best Dissertation Award, honorable mention
2017 Gloria Anzalúa Rhetorician Award, winner

Mark Blaauw-Hara

Full Name: 
Dr. Mark Blaauw-Hara, Ph.D.

Amy Rupiper Taggart

Full Name: 
Dr. Amy Rupiper Taggart, Ph.D

Bradley Peters

Full Name: 
Dr. Bradley Peters, BA, MA, PhD


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