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history of rhetoric

Grant Boswell

Full Name: 
Grant Boswell, PhD

José Cortez

Full Name: 
Dr. José Manuel Cortez, PhD

Marjorie Curry Woods

Full Name: 
Marjorie Curry Woods, PhD

Vessela V. Valiavitcharska

Full Name: 
Vessela V. Valiavitcharska, PhD

Jeffrey Walker

Full Name: 
Jeffrey Walker, PhD

Roberto S. Leon

Full Name: 
Roberto S. Leon, PhD

Nancy L. Christiansen

Full Name: 
Nancy L. Christiansen, PhD

Richard A. Lanham

Full Name: 
Richard A. Lanham, PhD

David Blakesley

Full Name: 
Dr. David Edward Blakesley, PhD, MA, BA

Joonna Trapp

Full Name: 
Dr. Joonna Smitherman Trapp, Ph.D. Rhet/Composition, TCU, Director: Richard Leo Enos. May 2003.


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