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Digital Humanities

Anuj Gupta

Full Name: 
Mr. Anuj Gupta

Anuj Gupta is a doctoral candidate in the Rhetoric Composition program in the Department of English at the University of Arizona. In the past, he has helped build one of India’s first college level writing programs at Ashoka University as a WPA. A winner of Kairos’ Graduate Student Research Award, CCCC’s Scholars for the Dream Award, & the AACU’s K. Patricia Cross’ Future Leaders Award, Anuj’s research has appeared in journals like Open Praxis, Composition Studies, and CWPA, and in edited collections like TextGenEd.

Josephine Miles

Full Name: 
Josephine Louise Miles, PhD

Elizabeth Chamberlain

Full Name: 
Dr. Elizabeth Frances Bergeron Chamberlain

Moriah Kirdy

Full Name: 
Moriah L Kirdy

As of 2017, combined last name with husband. Maiden name: Purdy

Jeanne Bohannon

Full Name: 
Dr. Jeanne Law Bohannon, PhD English

Alison Williams

Full Name: 
Alison Williams, MFA Creative Writing / MA English

Andrew Kulak

Full Name: 
Mr. Andrew Michael Kulak, M.A.

Patricia Fancher

Full Name: 
Dr. Patricia Fancher

Erika Strandjord

Full Name: 
Dr. Erika Claire Strandjord, PhD

Christine Jeansonne

Full Name: 
Christine Jeansonne, MA


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