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technical & professional communication

I am interested in finding colleagues to write on topics related to "technical and professional communication".

Anuj Gupta

Full Name: 
Mr. Anuj Gupta

Anuj Gupta is a doctoral candidate in the Rhetoric Composition program in the Department of English at the University of Arizona. In the past, he has helped build one of India’s first college level writing programs at Ashoka University as a WPA. A winner of Kairos’ Graduate Student Research Award, CCCC’s Scholars for the Dream Award, & the AACU’s K. Patricia Cross’ Future Leaders Award, Anuj’s research has appeared in journals like Open Praxis, Composition Studies, and CWPA, and in edited collections like TextGenEd.

Mary Le Rouge

Full Name: 
Dr. Mary Le Rouge

Tom William PhD

Full Name: 
Prof. Tom William PhD, PhD in English composition, rhetoric, and technical & professional communication; MA in writing studies; BA in English

John Jones

Full Name: 
John Jones, Ph.D.

Ann Hill Duin

Full Name: 
Dr. Ann Hill Duin, PhD

My commitment to collaboration and shared leadership has resulted in collective vision and action: a virtual university, a new college, business intelligence/academic analytics initiatives, and numerous inter-institutional partnerships. Spurred by networked learning, my focus on connectivism as a theoretical framework has resulted in research on augmented and embodied technologies, intercultural connectivism, and professional learning networks.

Jonathan Buehl

Full Name: 
Dr. Jonathan Buehl, PhD

Liz Lane

Full Name: 
Dr. Liz Lane

John Walter

Full Name: 
John Paul Walter

Allegra Smith

Full Name: 
Allegra Woodward Smith

Jason Tham

Full Name: 
Dr. Jason Chew Kit Tham

Assistant Professor of Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University.

PhD in Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication from University of Minnesota, MN.
BS, MS, & MA from St. Cloud State University, MN.


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