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Anuj Gupta

Full Name: 
Mr. Anuj Gupta

Anuj Gupta is a doctoral candidate in the Rhetoric Composition program in the Department of English at the University of Arizona. In the past, he has helped build one of India’s first college level writing programs at Ashoka University as a WPA. A winner of Kairos’ Graduate Student Research Award, CCCC’s Scholars for the Dream Award, & the AACU’s K. Patricia Cross’ Future Leaders Award, Anuj’s research has appeared in journals like Open Praxis, Composition Studies, and CWPA, and in edited collections like TextGenEd.

Nora Carr

Full Name: 
Nora E. Carr

Nathan Shepley

Full Name: 
Nathan Shepley, PhD

bonnie lenore kyburz

Full Name: 
Dr. bonnie lenore kyburz

i support creative vision across disciplines, modes, and media.

Joseph W. Robertshaw

Full Name: 
Dr. Joseph William Robertshaw

Brandon Abdon

Full Name: 
Mr. Brandon Abdon, MA, MEd, EdS

Heather Connors

Full Name: 
Ms. Heather E Connors, M.A

LeTriece Calhoun

Full Name: 
Ms. Dana LeTriece Calhoun, B.A., M.A. in English

LeTriece Calhoun is cool :)

Donna Souder

Full Name: 
Dr. Donna Souder Hodge, Ph.D., MA, MS, BA

Erin M. Breaux

Full Name: 
Ms. Erin Marie Breaux, MA


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