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International Writing Center Association

Eryn Paradise Shorthill

Full Name: 
Mrs. Eryn Paradise Shorthill

Russell Mayo

Full Name: 
Mr. Russell Mayo, Ph.D, M.Ed.

Melissa Yang

Full Name: 
Dr. Melissa T. Yang, PhD

Christopher Ervin

Full Name: 
Dr. Christopher Ervin, PhD, MA, BA

Moriah Kirdy

Full Name: 
Moriah L Kirdy

As of 2017, combined last name with husband. Maiden name: Purdy

Talinn Phillips

Full Name: 
Dr. Talinn Marie Tiller Phillips, MA, PhD

Gin Schwarz

Full Name: 
Virginia M Schwarz, MA, MS

John Eliason

Full Name: 
John Eliason, Ph.D.

Director of Composition and the Writing Center
Professor of English
Gonzaga University

E. Mairin Barney

Full Name: 
E. Mairin Barney

Jennifer Whitaker

Full Name: 
Ms. Jennifer Whitaker, MFA


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