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Writing Centers

Beth Burmester

Full Name: 
Dr. Elizabeth T Burmester, M.A., Ph.D.

Ben Kuebrich

Full Name: 
Benjamin D Kuebrich, ABD

Ph.D. in progress in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric at Syracuse University (expected 2014)

Kate Pantelides

Full Name: 
Dr. Kate Pantelides, MA, PhD

Alice Myatt

Full Name: 
Dr. Alice Johnston Myatt, Ph. D. English / Composition & Rhetoric

Dana Lynn Driscoll

Full Name: 
Dr. Dana Lynn Driscoll, Ph.D.

Alice Daer

Full Name: 
Prof. Alice Robison Daer, Ph.D.

Steven Rice

Full Name: 
Mr. Steven Rice, B.A. English

B.A. English (SUNY Cortland) - Major: English/Minor: African American Studies
Taught U.S. History and Government and Writing Workshops (BLMHS)
Taught U.S. History and Government, and Global History and Geography (BLMHS)
Taught English, English Honors, and Reading Workshop (BLMHS)
Taught Mathematics and Science (Satellite III)

Tutored in English, Social Studies, and Philosophy (LIU)
Tutored in English and Occupational Therapy (LIU)

Elizabeth Boquet

Full Name: 
Elizabeth H Boquet, PhD

Sue Mendelsohn

Full Name: 
Sue Mendelsohn, PhD

Joan Mullin

Full Name: 
Joan A Mullin, PhD


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