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Writing Assessment

Christopher Ervin

Full Name: 
Dr. Christopher Ervin, PhD, MA, BA

Gin Schwarz

Full Name: 
Virginia M Schwarz, MA, MS

Kelly Sassi

Full Name: 
Prof. Kelly Sassi, Ph.D.

Kelly Sassi is an Associate Professor with a joint appointment in the English and Education at North Dakota State University in Fargo, where she serves as Director of the Red River Valley Writing Project.

Gavin P. Johnson

Full Name: 
Dr. Gavin P Johnson, PhD

2021 NCTE/CCCC Lavender Rhetorics Dissertation Award for Excellence in Queer Scholarship, winner
2020 Computers and Composition Hugh Burns Best Dissertation Award, honorable mention
2017 Gloria Anzalúa Rhetorician Award, winner

Asao Inoue

Full Name: 
Dr. Asao B Inoue, PhD

Dylan Dryer

Full Name: 
Dylan Bromfield Dryer

Kristina Deffenbacher

Full Name: 
Dr. Kristina Deffenbacher, PhD

Associate Professor of English at Hamline University since 1999
BA 1991, Carleton College
MA 1994, PhD 1998, Gender Studies Certificate 1998, University of Southern California

Dana Lynn Driscoll

Full Name: 
Dr. Dana Lynn Driscoll, Ph.D.

Jill V Jeffery

Full Name: 
Dr. Jill Virginia Jeffery, PhD

Mya Poe

Full Name: 
Mya Poe, PhD


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