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visual rhetoric

David Blakesley

Full Name: 
Dr. David Edward Blakesley, PhD, MA, BA

Matt Schering

Full Name: 
Matthew Schering, Ph.D. Student

Lucy Johnson

Full Name: 
Ms. Lucy Anne Johnson , PhD Candidate

Lucy Johnson is a Doctoral Candidate in Rhetoric and Composition at Washington State University. Her research focuses on visual and digital rhetoric, tracing early contact-era Latin American rhetoric and contemporary visual literacy and hybrid composing through the lens of decolonial theory. Prior to pursuing her PhD, she earned her MA in English Pedagogy at Northern Michigan University, focusing on the application of multimodal pedagogy within first-year composition.

Jonathan Buehl

Full Name: 
Dr. Jonathan Buehl, PhD

M. Melissa Elston

Full Name: 
M. Melissa Elston, M.A., Ph.D.

Bill Wolff

Full Name: 
William I Wolff, PhD, MA, BA

Alice Myatt

Full Name: 
Dr. Alice Johnston Myatt, Ph. D. English / Composition & Rhetoric

Oriana Gatta

Full Name: 
Dr. Oriana Solta Gatta, Phd, English; MA, Women's Studies

Oriana is an assistant professor of Writing Studies and affiliate Women’s Studies faculty at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests include visual rhetoric/culture; postmodern, postcolonial, and intersectional feminist theory, comic book studies, critical pedagogy, digital pedagogy, multimodal composition, and digital archival method/ologies.

Joan Mullin

Full Name: 
Joan A Mullin, PhD

Cheryl Ball

Full Name: 
Cheryl E. Ball, MFA, PhD
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