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Rhetoric and Composition

Quentin Vieregge

Full Name: 
Dr. Quentin Vieregge

Grace Veach

Full Name: 
Dr. Grace Veach, Ph. D

Kate Pantelides

Full Name: 
Dr. Kate Pantelides, MA, PhD

Donovan Braud

Full Name: 
Dr. Donovan Sean Braud, PhD

Wendy Warren Austin

Full Name: 
Dr. Wendy Warren Austin, Ph.D.

Jill V Jeffery

Full Name: 
Dr. Jill Virginia Jeffery, PhD

Dianna Baldwin

Full Name: 
Dianna Baldwin, PhD

Joan Mullin

Full Name: 
Joan A Mullin, PhD

Rebecca Rickly

Full Name: 
Dr. Rebecca Rickly, Ph.D.

Helen Foster

Full Name: 
Dr. Helen R. Foster, PhD, Rhetoric and Composition

Associate Professor, Rhetoric and Writing Studies Program, University of Texas El Paso


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