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Carl Klaus

Full Name: 
Prof. Carl Klaus, Ph.D.

Prof. Carl Klaus taught graduate courses in Rhetoric and composition and hosted NEH seminars on composition in the 1970's. He worked with Richard, Braddock, John Gerber, Richard Lloyd-Jones, Robert Scholes and many other early pioneers in modern composition studies.

Kate Wills

Full Name: 
Dr. Katherine V Tsiopos Wills, PhD

Steve Bernhardt

Full Name: 
Dr. Stephen A Bernhardt, PdD, MSEd, BA

Steve Bernhardt has taught writing, particularly technical and professional communication, for almost 40 years. He's served as President of ATTW and CPTSC, while serving on the editorial boards of CCC, TCQ, and JBTC. He chaired English at the University of Delaware and was a key faculty member in the development of the PhD program at NMSU. He has deep consulting and training expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, high tech, hospital and clinical, and government settings.

Cheryl Ball

Full Name: 
Cheryl E. Ball, MFA, PhD

Jill Belli

Full Name: 
Dr. Jill Belli, Ph.D.

Sondra Perl

Full Name: 
Dr. Sondra Perl, PhD

Sondra Perl, Ph.D., is Professor of English at Lehman College and The Graduate Center, CUNY, where she coordinates the composition and rhetoric area group within the English Ph.D. program and is a founding member of the CUNY-Wide Composition and Rhetoric Community. An acclaimed teacher and a Guggenheim Fellow, Dr. Perl lectures widely on topics related to the teaching of writing and most recently on the importance of bringing digital technology into the composition classroom.

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