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New Media

Megan Opperman

Full Name: 
Megan M Opperman

Lillian Bridwell-Bowles

Full Name: 
Prof. Lillian Bridwell-Bowles, M.S., B.S., Ed.D.

Chair of CCCC, 1984
Co-Chair of Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference, 1999 (with Hildy Miller)
Director of the Minnesota Writing Project, 1990-2003
Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Writing (Minnesota), 1988-2003
Founder and Director, Communication across the Curriculum, LSU, 2004-2010

Chelsea J. Murdock

Full Name: 
Ms. Chelsea Jeanine Murdock

Santosh Khadka

Full Name: 
Santosh Khadka, PhD in Progress

Ben McCorkle

Full Name: 
Dr. Warren Benson McCorkle Jr., PhD

Ben McCorkle is an associate professor of English at The Ohio State University-Marion, where he teaches courses on composition, the history and theory of rhetoric, and digital media production. He is the author of the book Rhetorical Delivery as Technological Discourse: A Cross-Historical Study, published by Southern Illinois University Press. He has also published essays in various journals and edited collections, including Computers and Composition Online, Rhetoric Society Quarterly, and Composition Studies.

Bill Wolff

Full Name: 
William I Wolff, PhD, MA, BA

Estee Beck

Full Name: 
Estee Beck

Ken McAllister

Full Name: 
Dr. Ken S. McAllister, BA; MA; PhD

Professor of Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English (University of Arizona)

Alice Daer

Full Name: 
Prof. Alice Robison Daer, Ph.D.

Geoffrey Sauer

Full Name: 
Dr. Geoffrey Francis Kennedy Sauer, Ph.D.

I teach courses about new media in workplace and technical communication, including courses in web design, content management systems, nonlinear video editing, film theory, social media, and usability. My research focuses on the history of publishing, both from theoretical perspectives (using both cultural and rhetorical theory) and in pragmatics (typography, offset printing, online document management, new media).


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