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composition pedagogy

Timothy Oleksiak

Full Name: 
Dr. Timothy Oleksiak, PhD, MA, BS

Nicole Austin

Full Name: 
Miss Nicole Caitlin Austin

Licensed AYA English teacher. Currently a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Findlay.

Nathan Shepley

Full Name: 
Nathan Shepley, PhD

Jeanne Bohannon

Full Name: 
Dr. Jeanne Law Bohannon, PhD English

Kendra Andrews

Full Name: 
Ms. Kendra Lea Andrews, MA, MAT

Jen Justice

Full Name: 
Jennifer Lynn Justice

Mark Blaauw-Hara

Full Name: 
Dr. Mark Blaauw-Hara, Ph.D.

Amy Rupiper Taggart

Full Name: 
Dr. Amy Rupiper Taggart, Ph.D

David T. Coad

Full Name: 
Dr. David T. Coad, PhD, MA

Oriana Gatta

Full Name: 
Dr. Oriana Solta Gatta, Phd, English; MA, Women's Studies

Oriana is an assistant professor of Writing Studies and affiliate Women’s Studies faculty at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests include visual rhetoric/culture; postmodern, postcolonial, and intersectional feminist theory, comic book studies, critical pedagogy, digital pedagogy, multimodal composition, and digital archival method/ologies.

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