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Trouble Adding Relationship


I was able to add myself as a person, and where I got my Ph.D. But then I couldn't get the program to add my master's program or to add a mentoring relationship with Deborah Brandt. I'm using Firefox on a MacBook so perhaps that is causing some problems?

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You should be able to add unlimited relationships to any given person. However, at this time we do not have the ability to add all of your relations at once (in other words, in bulk). We are working to develop that capability. In the meantime, you must enter each relationship one at a time. For instance, click on your name, go to the right side menu, then add in your relationship type with Deborah Brant, save it, and then do the same thing for your masters granting institution. If that does not work, please let us know. It is always possible that we have overlooked an error.

Thank you,

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I began with older jobs in CUNY, working to the present. I currently hold two jobs, and was able to add only 1. The other (Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at SPS). I tried twice, getting a red "relation not created"). I did not try to add another relation at the same time.

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Dear George,

I think the problem is not the number of "worked at" relationships overall, but rather that you're trying to show two connections to the same place. When we created the relation types, we set them up to be "unique" for a given person-institution pair, as a way of minimizing redundancies; this is why the form for "worked at" asks about starting position and ending position, rather than a full range.

It's possible that we should reassess this design decision now that we see how you and others want to use the site: e.g. if there's a strong element of resume-sharing, such that we want finer-grained tracking of positions (rather than the coarser "affiliations" we started with, in part to simplify the visualizations). Definitely something to bear in mind for WST 2.0!

For now, though, what you can do is edit the existing relation (where you identify yourself as University Director of Academic Technology) and write both positions in the same space; you've got 255 characters there, which should be enough. If not, the "other" field provides a longer text box, where you can explain what's going on.

Sorry about this slight kludge,


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