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"This took place at" really awkward


Dunno if I'm doing something wrong, but when choosing the "This took place at" I have to manually scroll through each page until finding the school I'm looking for. As it is the last school listed (at present), that's 28 pages. Any ideas on making this a search function that autopopulates like the others? Thnx! - j

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Dear Justin,

Thanks for the comment, and thanks for helping the Writing Studies Tree to grow!

You're not doing anything wrong: the problem with "this took place at" is a known bug, and we agree that the formatting is pretty terrible at the moment. We do hope to make it better! It'll probably take us a little while yet to fix it, unfortunately, for a number of reasons. Partly it has to do with nested calls and joining tables in tricky ways, and doing so while working with modules that are still in beta release.

But mostly it has to do with scheduling: your friendly WST admins are grad students working in our spare time away from teaching and orals and dissertations (none of which, curiously enough, directly involve the WST). But we've recently applied for a number of grants that should help us recruit some top talent to help out, and we've already put in place a plan to fully revamp our layout and interface over the next year or so. So keep an eye out!

All best,


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I think that selecting the "this took place at" drop box fails to drop the box, so no selection is possible.

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