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Ohio University

United States
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Ohio University enrolls more than 20,000 students on the main campus in Athens, a vital community noted for sustainable living, slow food, and a thriving music and arts scene. The master’s and doctoral degrees in Rhetoric & Composition emphasize rhetoric and composition theory, history, and research, and the ways these inform the teaching of writing. The program’s small seminars, which consist of both M.A. and Ph.D. students, provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere, with students receiving ample personal attention. Doctoral students take six seminars in Rhetoric and Composition, with four seminars for master’s students.

Because most students are also teaching associates, the combination of coursework, teaching experiences, and administrative opportunities has resulted in graduates consistently earning tenure-track positions at a variety of colleges and universities. Many alumni of the M.A. concentration have gone on to earn Ph.D.s in the field at other universities. Doctoral alumni have an outstanding placement record in tenure-track positions.

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