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Rowan University

United States
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Housed within Rowan University's College of Communication and Creative Arts, the department of Writing Arts provides a MA in Writing, an undergraduate major in Writing Arts with concentrations in Creative Writing, Technical and Professional Writing, and Publishing and Writing for the Public, as well as Minors and Certificates in Undergraduate Studies in Creative Writing and in Technical and Professional Writing.

The Rowan University Course Catalog contains the following description: "The Writing Arts major provides broad-based study and practice in written communication, drawing on the disciplinary strengths of the College of Communication and Creative Arts and from departments across the University. Writing Arts offers students intensive experience in a variety of writing forms, creative and expository, personal and public. Students learn how writers compose in print and new media forms and how audiences react to their writing. In classroom workshops and peer response groups, through lecture and discussion, and by creating and composing multiple drafts and revisions, students develop sensitivity to rhetorical considerations of audience, purpose, and genre. Through these diverse experiences, students are prepared for success in a wide variety of settings beyond the University."

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