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Patricia Dunn

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Dr. Patricia Dunn, Doctor of Arts
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From SUNY - Stony Brook English Faculty website:

After teaching in a high school and then in a two-year college for a number of years, I went back for my doctorate and was pulled, irresistibly, into Composition and Rhetoric at The University at Albany. After receiving tenure at Utica College of Syracuse University, where I chaired a committee that founded a Writing Across the Curriculum program, I moved to Illinois State University, where I taught writing, rhetoric, and composition research and theory. It was also at ISU where I began to work with pre-service English teachers. Although I was tenured at ISU, I moved to Stony Brook for the opportunity to work more closely with English majors who planned to be teachers. My publications explore the nexus of composition, rhetoric, English Education, and disability studies. I am especially interested in the role multiple literacies play in the teaching of writing. Currently, I am completing a chapter for a planned 25th anniversary of Stephen M. North’s classic analysis of composition studies, The Making of Knowledge in Composition: Portrait of an Emerging Field (1987). This retrospective volume will be edited by Richard Gebhardt and Lance Massey. My essay is entitled, “Methodological Consciousness, Epistemology, and Contemporary Public Discourse.

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